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UAV pilot school

Do you want to become a professional drone pilot, recognized by the Italian Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC)?

Are you ready for a smart investment in your future?

Enrollments for UAV Pilot Courses are NOW OPEN!

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Nowadays the drone pilot is a very demanded professional, widely employable but still very difficult to find on the market.
The very strict rules established by the civil aviation authority (ENAC) require every pilot to undergo a thorough and mandatory training which, eventually, will lead to obtain a Pilot License.


In order to get a Pilot License, UAVs are divided in classes and categories


0,3kg<MOD<4kg Very Light (VL)

4kg<MOD<25kg Light (L)

MOD>25 kg Heavy (H)


Airplanes (Ap),

Helicopters (Hc),

Multicopters (Mc);

Aerostates (As)

Classes and Categories are indicated on Pilot Licenses with the following abbreviations:

"VL/Ap"- APR airplane 0,3kg<MOD<4kg
"VL/Hc"- APR helicopter 0,3kg<MOD<4kg
"VL/Mc"- APR multicoper 0,3kg<MOD<4kg
"VL/As"- APR aerostate 0,3kg<MOD<4kg
"L/Ap"- APR airplane 4kg<MOD<25kg
"L/Hc"- APR helicopter 4kg<MOD<25kg
"L/Mc"- APR multicopter 4kg<MOD<25kg
"L/As"- APR aerostate 4kg<MOD<25kG


Pilot training is divided in two separate and independent courses: Basic Course and CRO (Critical Operations).

The first one includes theory classes for a total of 16 hours and a minimum of 30 flying sorties (10 min. each) for a total of 5 hours practical training.
After a written exam (24 multiple choice questions) and a practice test the student will be awarded the title of Drone Pilot, issued by ENAC.
CRO habilitation is intended as an advanced training and requires a minimum of 6 hours experience as a drone pilot before attending it. The course for CRO operations includes theory classes for a total of 12 hours and 36 flying sorties (10 min. each) for a total of 6 hours practical training.
Tests (written and practical) will be carried out by ENAC examiners at Salento Droni.
Classes and categories may be upgraded by performing a skill test on the relative UAV after following a specific practical training. ENAC pilot license will include all Classes and Categories for which the pilot has successfully passed the exam.


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