Fotogrammetria aerea

Aerial photogrammetry

Salento Droni is proud to present the new aerial photogrammetry service! Using a specific software and a powerful processing unit, Salento DRONI has the unique ability to build 3d models of villas, land, quarries, houses, sheds, etc.
We offer this service to professionals and companies but also to private individuals who want to highlight specific characteristics of their own properties, such as special features or surrounding areas.

Salento DRONI uses aerial images to generate:

  • 3d GPS referenced models

  • 3d explorable models

  • - Calculation of distances, areas and volumes (with GPS references)

  • Export files as GIS, KLM, KLZ (Google Earth)

"Sparse Cloud"


Mesh Model

Mesh Model


Textured Model

Textured Model


Google Eearth integration


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